Welcome to My Specialist Dietitian’s Paediatric Nutrition, Disordered Eating & Healthy Eating

At My Specialist Dietitian’s Paediatric Nutrition, Disordered Eating & Healthy Eating, we are passionate about nurturing healthy eating habits in children and addressing the challenges that may arise, including disordered eating behaviours. We believe that understanding healthy eating begins early in life and that fostering a positive relationship with food is essential. With experience as a mother of three children and working at RPA Paediatrics Clinic, we are well-equipped to guide you through the complexities of paediatric nutrition and disordered eating.

Our Approach

1. Simplified Nutrition Education: We are dedicated to making nutrition education accessible and straightforward for children. Our approach involves breaking down complex concepts into child-friendly language, empowering kids to make informed food choices that promote their growth and well-being.

2. Childhood Nutrition Education: We educate both children and parents on the significance of balanced nutrition. Our goal is to equip children with the knowledge and skills to make sound food decisions while fostering a positive attitude towards eating.

3. Addressing Challenges: We recognise that paediatric nutrition can be challenging, especially when disordered eating behaviours come into play. Issues such as fussy eating, food aversion, overeating, restrictive eating, and disordered eating patterns can be daunting for parents. Leveraging our experience, we work with parents and children to set achievable goals that make meal times enjoyable and promote healthier eating behaviours in the long term.

4. Family-Centered Care: We understand that family dynamics play a pivotal role in shaping children’s eating habits. We collaborate closely with parents to create a supportive and nurturing mealtime environment that fosters healthy relationships with food.

5. Building a Strong Foundation: We emphasise the importance of instilling healthy eating habits early in life. Our mission is to help children develop a positive relationship with food, which serves as the foundation for a lifetime of sound nutrition choices.

6. Disordered Eating Support: Our expertise extends to addressing disordered eating behaviours in children. We offer guidance and strategies to identify and manage these behaviours while promoting a healthy approach to eating.

7. Paediatric Expertise: With a background in working at RPA Paediatrics Clinic, we bring specialised knowledge in paediatric nutrition, disordered eating, and overall child health. Our guidance is evidence-based and tailored to the unique needs of children.

8. Long-Term Well-Being: Our ultimate goal is to promote not only healthy eating but also the overall well-being of children. Cultivating healthy eating habits in childhood can lead to happier and healthier lives as children grow into adulthood.

At My Specialist Dietitian’s Paediatric Nutrition, Disordered Eating & Healthy Eating, we are dedicated to nurturing healthy eating habits in children while addressing disordered eating challenges. Our approach is rooted in simplicity, education, and family support, ensuring that your child’s nutrition journey is positive, enjoyable, and conducive to long-term health.

Take the first step toward raising a healthy and happy eater. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and together, we can create a personalised plan that empowers your child to make nutritious food choices and overcome disordered eating challenges for life.